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Growth Marketer & Platform Strategist

In a connected world the lines between marketing tactics and business models are blurring. Doing what the competition does with better execution will always lead to success, until someone does something different creating more value. 

The focus of my career has always been to be the needle that moves up a company's performance. 

My skills around customer acquisition, analytics, operations and behavioural psychology deliver quick wins. My expertise in product management, platform strategy and innovation strategy, helps deliver long term growth. 

The key is aligning short term gains with long term plans - while they may have different KPIs, it's critical that they support the same narrative.

I have built and scaled high performing teams and worked with a number of market leaders and high growth scale-ups, delivering an uplift of 30% to 300% in top line performance.

Having worked for start-ups and enterprises I am aware of the challenges a firm faces at each stage of growth. 


All the best companies I have seen operate strategically - but that only works when strategy is built on a good understanding of execution and operations. 

Some of the companies I have worked with/for.

National, international and global remit.


If you want to get in touch drop me a line, or simply connect with me on Linkedin: 

Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi


    +44 7967 005980



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