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  • Manfredi Sassoli

Building excellence in Performance Marketing

After much thought, (and almost 20 years of experience), I have identified 10 distinct critical factors that help companies create a world class Performance Marketing capability. These learnings have helped me over deliver on campaigns for lastminute. com, Apple, Google, eBay, IG, Confused .com and many more companies.

Some are CORE areas, usually the first ones companies focus on, other are STRUCTURAL. These are often under optimised or ignored. 

Why are the structural ones so often ignored ? 

That's because process excellence is a craft that requires fine tuned collaboration across multiple discipline - such collaboration works based on the words and actions that people exchange. These are not written, it's tacit knowledge, and it's the reason it's so difficult to copy excellence, (regardless of the area of work), from other companies. 

In brief these stand for:


  • Channel mastery: knowing the ins-and out of the algorithm and platform

  • Tech: being able to run due diligence to build the optimal tech stack

  • Data: managing a robust roadmap for website analytics, BI and data science

  • Creative: the generation of creative assets at scale


  • Culture: fostering a collaborative performance culture for process innovation

  • Management: the ability to run effective resource allocation

  • Processes: creating documentation to maximise learnings and knowledge sharing

  • Talent: the ability to hire and retain top talent

  • Experimentation: joining marketing and product testing

  • Integration: influencing the business to better fit the channel e.g. pricing, design, partnerships

For more details on this get in touch and I will happily share with you a 30 pages guide that goes into the detail of each one of the building blocks required to build a world class capability.

60% of knowledge is tacit - this document shares a lot of that tacit knowledge that comes from within companies.

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